ultimate macos osx firewall security protection little snitchMany Mac users have a big misconception that their Mac’s are so secure because they are running macOS or OSX which is invincible and cannot get viruses or infections like Windows computers do. Make not mistake macOS or OSX can very easily be infected with all sorts of malware out there. If you visit a dodgy web site like for instance a pron web site you could have your Mac infected within a few seconds and not even know it.

OSX, now called macOS is simply not invincible. In fact no operating system is invincible, it’s as secure as YOU make it. Trusting that your Mac Operating system is secure simple because Apple says so is the worst mistake you can make.

But I always keep my Mac up to date?

So what? Do you think security updates and keeping your Mac up to date is going to make sure you are always protected? The very fact that security updates are released for operating systems, every single one barre none, should already give you a clear indication that there is holes and they are always being plugged. So you can foolishly have you Mac all up to date and I can point you to one nasty one web site and that site could infect your Operating system, load all sorts of trojans and malware into it and you will be none the wiser about it.

But OSX or macOS has a firewall already

Yes … it does and it’s utter rubbish. Full stop !!!

Enter Little Snitch

Little Snitch is the ultimate firewall for any Mac computer. I’ve been using it for over 9 years and any time I reinstall or build a hackintosh for somebody this si teh very first piece of software that gets installed. People have come to think that LittleSnitch is only meant for people running pirated software on their Mac’s and using LittleSnitch to block the pirated application from contacting the developers activation or monitoring servers.

Ultimate Protection for your MAC from Malware and Security FlawsWhile that is true that a lot of Mac Users use Little Snitch for this purpose, I’ve been using it as a visual firewall to know exactly what is going on with my Mac’s network or Internet connection.

I simply don’t run pirated software, first of all never know if the pirated software you downloaded has not been fiddled with and secondly because it costs money to produce software.If you use pirated software you are already inviting the criminals into your computer.

It’s Visual and it Kicks ASS

But I do like to know what each and every piece of software on my Mac, including every application bundled with macOS is doing, what servers they are contacting and exactly what is going on with my network connection.

Little Snitch simple kicks butt in this arena as it notifies you of each and every service or application that is trying to make some sort of internet connection. It’s a visual firewall as it pops up a notification block immediately when something tries to access the internet. This gives you immediate control to choose whether or not you want to allow the connection, deny the connection and you have choices to allow/deny both temporarily or forever.

But can’t that be annoying?

little snitch protects your privacy ultimate mac osx security firewall Yes indeed, the first time you install Little Snitch you will be sitting for a good 20-30 minutes building your initial rule set and once that’s done only every now and again you will get a new notification. It’s so simple to setup but it undoubtedly the ultimate firewall for OSX.

It’s a snitch, it tells on everybody trying do things and it’s absolutely great at the job it does.

You will be quite horrified at first just how many connections one application is making to various servers on the Internet. Adobe Cloud software and it’s applications like Adobe Photoshop CC and Adobe Illustrator series make so many connections it’s scary. The actual core of Adobe Creative Cloud is even worse but without Little Snitch you are never aware of this even happening.

Do I really need it?

First of all I don’t work for Little Snitch, I am a user but I’ve been a user of it for 9 years and it’s not a costly piece of software but certainly the most important one out there. I bought a family licence so I can install it on up to 5 mac’s and it’s a mere € 110.00 or € 29.95 for a single licence. I bought it 9 years ago when it was a mere $49 for a 5 seat license but it’s gone up in price because it simply is the best Mac firewall ever and the developer is always actively updating and improving it over the years. That costs time and money so you need to appreciate the hard work that went into it and actually buy this tool as it truly is the most important security tool for Mac operating systems.

But I can assure you once you have it installed, you will wonder how you ever did without it. Now when you visit web sites, even some legitimate one’s you will get notifications when those web sites start trying to make strange connections to internet ports other than 80 or 443.

Once Little Snitch is installed I could send you to some of the nastiest web sites out there and you will immediately how it starts telling what that web site is trying to do. Without it you would never be notified and would easily get your OS infected.

Take back control over your Mac, get Little Snitch today and never worry again about relying on Apple to keep you secure. YOU take control and YOU are in charge, nobody else !!!!

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