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How To Make A Super Strong Password You Will Never Forget

Most people are really stupid when it comes to passwords. Most use stupid things like their birth-dates, ID or social security numbers, wives or children’s names or other simple things that a bit of googling about you could help someone easily guess your password.

Some people, believe it or not, still use weak passwords like “password”, “admin”, “12345” and all sorts of really other stupid things.

Having a very strong password is absolutely essential in today’s crime filled Internet where people’s Facebook pages, Banking Systems and all sorts of other things get infiltrated with ease. But how do you make yourself a really strong password and then not forget it 5 minutes later?


Well it’s actually very easy and I will give you a simple example here.

Take a sentence like

"My Name is Sam I grew up in Boston and my Dog's Name is Candy"

Now convert that sentence to a super strong password like this.

"My n@m3 is S@M I gr3w UP in B0st0n @nd my D0gs N@me is C@ndy"

Can you see how the letter “e” is now a “3”, all “a” letters become “@”, all letters “o” become “0” (zero) and some parts of the strong password are capitalized and some are not.

You could strengthen a password like this even more by adding a “#” at the beginning and end like this.

"#My N@m3 is S@M I gr3w UP in B0st0n @nd my D0gs N@me is C@ndy#"

How simple is that? If someone was running a bruteforce password guesser it would take years to crack this, especially because of the upper case and lowercase characters, the spaces and the special characters.

There is no excuse not to have a super strong password for all your accounts and if you really have problems forgetting them use a great app like 1Password which stores all your passwords encrypted in one location. They have both desktop and mobile versions of their apps.

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